Friday, September 25, 2015

Increased volatility in the financial markets

With greater volatility in the financial markets recently, the currency market is no different too.

In managing FX VIBES fund, we have devised an even more stringent risk management framework to ensure that your funds and ours are well-protected.

These includes smaller position sizing, where lot size of each trade relative to equity is reduced to limit account exposure. Each trade entry is similarly evaluated for higher probability, while ensuring sufficient cushion for unexpected drawdown.

In times like this, we should still remain exposed, yet continue to trade safe for good consistent profits.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Our different approach of FX VIBES

At FX VIBES, we take on a completely different approach to forex. While most gurus earn mainly from conducting workshops and courses, we believe in earning from our own trading, while sharing and helping our investors earn along the way too. We feel that that the best way to help novices or amateurs is to trade on their behalf instead.

We are going to be open about this truth, that forex trading is not easy. Trading skills cannot possibly be picked up easily after one day or even a week of course. Trading requires experience, many many years of trading experience that cannot be replaced with a few days of intensive training.

Instead of taking $5,000 from you to teach you how to trade forex in a few hours, we believe your capital is better used in investment instead. Learning and knowledge should be free, besides most of the basics of forex can be found online for free. We know most of the forex courses charge a hefty 4 to 5-figure sums, yet do not have the trading track records to back up any claims. Here at FX VIBES, we believe in honesty, openness and transparency, so we publicly display our trading performance live online here. We do not hide anything because we have nothing to hide.

Use your money wisely as an investment capital instead. Investing under our managed fund FX VIBES is a passive investment vehicle which do not require your constant research or monitoring. There is no monthly fee you need to pay, because we believe that you should only pay a fee when we make profits for you. A low success fee of only 15% apply on profits at a high watermark basis. Our team only succeeds when you do.

FX VIBES is manually traded and monitored by a professional team of traders, committed to deliver good risk-adjusted returns for our investors consistently. Feel free to contact our team on [email protected] or check out our fund performance here.

Sign up for an account directly here. - no monthly or annual fee! Get straight into the game, without paying hefty course fees now.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Promotion: Get a free gift worth $600 when you invest at least $10k in FX VIBES - managed forex fund account

Invest at least $10k in FX VIBES managed fund, and get a free gift - CleanSmart Intelligent Cleaner Robot (worth $600).

CleanSmart Intelligent Cleaner Robot is a 4-in-1 Cleaner Robot – sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and disinfection, that helps you keep your house clean efficiently.

* you must sign up for an account and invest under FX VIBES via this link here.
* join the FXvibes - managed forex trading group on FB.
* net deposit of US$10,000 must be maintained throughout the period of one year for this promotion to be valid.
* free gift may be redeemable after one year from net deposit of US$10,000, and/or when equity increases by at least 50% from your gross total deposit, whichever earlier.
* once you have signed up for a PAMM account and made the deposit, do email me on [email protected] with your name, investment account number, and mailing address.
* valid for the first 10,000 investors.
* FX VIBES reserve the rights to replace gift with item of similar value, should the CleanSmart Intelligent Cleaner Robot be unavailable.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

FX VIBES : professionally managed forex account

Besides the signal, we are launching a new PAMM managed forex account fund on HotForex.

Free to signup, no subscription fees, only a small success fee when profits are made. Simple and easy to set up, with no software or VPS required.

Why join FX VIBES PAMM managed fund account?

- High Potential Returns: With our PAMM Account, the potential returns are many times higher than with most traditional investment options (stocks, mutual funds, savings accounts, etc.). See for yourself the FX VIBES performance.
- Manager Accountability: I have my own money invested in my account too. This ensures that I will always have the interests of you, the investors in mind. After all, we are one fund.
- Account Transparency: You can access real-time reporting on my performance as your money manager in the dashboard.
- Flexibility with Deposits and Withdrawals: The PAMM Account gives you complete control over your investment. I will not be able to touch your funds in any way as the funds are held by the broker. You can make a deposit at any time or withdraw money from your account at the daily rollover, with no hidden fees or charges. The 5% penalty fee only applies for withdrawal within one month, beyond that, you are free to withdraw your funds any time.
- Success Fee of only 15% on profits: only pay success fee when I make a profit for you. Fees are only charged on profit generated. No need to pay a monthly subscription or maintain a VPS. We also have one of the lowest success fee with only 15%, compared to the 30% - 50% that most experienced money managers like me would charge.

Simply visit our FX VIBES page to see our fund performance.

Click on "Invest under FX VIBES", or create your live account with this direct link, deposit your funds under FX VIBES and you are good to go!

Minimum investment for FX VIBES managed fund is just US$500. Feel free to contact me on [email protected] should you have any further queries.


Friday, January 30, 2015

Welcome to FXvibes

FXvibes is the first and main signal that I am sharing for the general public to copy and follow.

Having learnt plenty over 5 years of experience in currency trading, I am more than happy to share my experiences, and at the same time, help newbies earn some decent profit on the forex market while learning.

To copy my trades automatically, you first need a live MetaTrader4 trading account. If you do not have a broker yet, here is my recommendations, with whom I have pleasant experiences with:
IC Markets

Your trading account will receive the same signal as the FX VIBES fund. To access this private signal, you must sign up with the above link. Required minimum investment is US$50,000 or S$65,000. Monthly cost for signal + VPS setup starts from US$499 per month. Contact me at [email protected] for assistance.

For any investment with minimum of $500, to large investment of over $20,000 to over $1,000,000, I highly recommend that you invest under our FX VIBES fund instead to enjoy no VPS latency and no monthly subscription.

Our FX VIBES fund is highly recommended for all investment amounts, with a low minimum of US$500 only.

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