Thursday, March 19, 2015

FX VIBES : professionally managed forex account

Besides the signal, we are launching a new PAMM managed forex account fund on HotForex.

Free to signup, no subscription fees, only a small success fee when profits are made. Simple and easy to set up, with no software or VPS required.

Why join FX VIBES PAMM managed fund account?

- High Potential Returns: With our PAMM Account, the potential returns are many times higher than with most traditional investment options (stocks, mutual funds, savings accounts, etc.). See for yourself the FX VIBES performance.
- Manager Accountability: I have my own money invested in my account too. This ensures that I will always have the interests of you, the investors in mind. After all, we are one fund.
- Account Transparency: You can access real-time reporting on my performance as your money manager in the dashboard.
- Flexibility with Deposits and Withdrawals: The PAMM Account gives you complete control over your investment. I will not be able to touch your funds in any way as the funds are held by the broker. You can make a deposit at any time or withdraw money from your account at the daily rollover, with no hidden fees or charges. The 5% penalty fee only applies for withdrawal within one month, beyond that, you are free to withdraw your funds any time.
- Success Fee of only 15% on profits: only pay success fee when I make a profit for you. Fees are only charged on profit generated. No need to pay a monthly subscription or maintain a VPS. We also have one of the lowest success fee with only 15%, compared to the 30% - 50% that most experienced money managers like me would charge.

Simply visit our FX VIBES page to see our fund performance.

Click on "Invest under FX VIBES", or create your live account with this direct link, deposit your funds under FX VIBES and you are good to go!

Minimum investment for FX VIBES managed fund is just US$500. Feel free to contact me on [email protected] should you have any further queries.


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